12 Steps Groups?

How I Can HelpiStock_000006984265XSmall     Twelve-step groups (Alcoholics, Narcotics, Gamblers, Sex Addicts, etc. Anonymous) have proven to be a very effective form of treatment for addiction – I’m a proponent of the groups and have personally attended hundreds of meetings. I encourage my clients to attend and get as much as they can from these support groups. They can be a great adjunct to personalized, individual counseling.

      The advantages of pursuing one-on-one work are many: you are the complete focus of our time together, we will devise a plan tailored specifically for your needs, your lifestyle and particular circumstances. As a licensed psychotherapist I can help you to understand patterns, defense mechanisms and psycho-social blocks to making and keeping on a plan for abstinence and success.

Couple in Field      Other advantages of seeing a licensed professional are that you will have legal confidentiality (with some exceptions that will be explained during your first session). I am bound by a legal and ethical code administered by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, we can discuss things that might be inappropriate or especially difficult to divulge in a public room full of peers – whether they be past or present legal issues, difficult family situations, physical/emotional/sexual abuse issues, problems such as anxiety and depression, or any other sexual issues that may be connected to or contributing to your unwanted behaviors. (I am also an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and have special training and experience in sexual dysfunctions, couples’ sexual issues and compulsive sexual behaviors).

     You are the sole focus of the treatment, I don’t have a rigid plan as everyone’s situation is unique, even if the behaviors are often similar. I don’t force you into beliefs you don’t ascribe to, and I will help you to find and develop your strengths- together we will use them to our advantage in getting to your desired outcomes.

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