About Me

I specialize in areas that many other therapists shy away from. I have had much success and have received great personal fulfillment helping people improve their sexual functioning, their relationships and overall sexual satisfaction, and also assisting them in ending years of addictive, harmful and undesirable behaviors and substance abuse. I can also help you recover from infidelity. I know that you can change, you just need someone to understand you and teach you how to make the necessary adjustments to begin your new life.

      I am a licensed psychotherapist (#MFC 44608), an addiction specialist and am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. I also am a former faculty member in the graduate psychology program at Alliant University.

       I am a graduate of UCLA, have held a secondary education teaching credential and have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I worked for five years at the Orange County Health Care Agency in Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services as an individual substance abuse counselor, a group facilitator, an intake coordinator, crisis counselor, and a member of the psychiatric evaluation team. At OCHCA I also worked with dual diagnosis clients who had depression, anxiety and other more severe mental illnesses – I understand these problems and how they relate to sexual dysfunction and sex, porn and other addictions.

       I have also worked for the State of California in the PC-1000 program doing psycho-educational and process work as a group facilitator for court mandated treatment for substance abusers.

      I have extensive training, education and experience working with most types of addiction and compulsive behaviors, as well as a wide range of sexual and relationship problems. As an AASECT Board Certified Sex Therapist, I work with sexual addiction and other harmful sexual behaviors. Often, people combine addictions with sexually compulsive behavior – I understand and treat the connection between substance abuse and sexual matters. Substance abuse can contribute to, or result from, many sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction, inhibited or early ejaculation, low or very high arousal, female orgasm difficulties, shame issues, and unresolved childhood or adult sexual abuse and sexual assault issues, infidelity and general relationship problems.

Credentials and Training

  • Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology, National University
  • Teaching Credential, California State University at Fullerton
  • Bachelor of Arts, UCLA
  • AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
  • Adjunct Faculty Member in Graduate Program of Psychology at Alliant University

Affiliations and Memberships