Freedom From The Addiction Trap

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When the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of being different – you change.

  • Are you tired of struggling on your own to overcome an addiction?
  • Have you tried to quit over and over again, but always slip back into destructive behaviors?
  • Have you had legal, health, relationship, financial or occupational problems due to your addictive behaviors?
  • Have your friends, spouse, family, co-workers suggested you get help?
  • Have you decided that your life isn’t what you planned it to be – all you want it to be – and are wondering if your compulsive sexual behavior or substance use is causing this disparity?

      When you come to the point in your life when you hate your actions or using as much as you hate or fear not having these activities, it’s a simple choice: decide to try sobriety/abstinence! Give yourself a chance to change, you can always go back to your old lifestyle if you later decide that that life was better. In truth, I haven’t met the person yet who makes the latter decision and doesn’t regret it, or end up divorced, alone, fired from a job or in jail.

       No matter the addictive behavior or substance – whether it’s pornography, prostitutes, affairs or other sexual activity,alcohol, drugs (street or prescription) gambling or shopping – when you decide that you’ve had enough, my addiction treatment will teach you specific methods of changing your behavior. All you have to do is decide that you want to change or want to explore the extent of your addiction, and are willing to talk openly and consider advice from someone with vast experience treating addiction and who has been through similar experiences as your own.

     There is help, you can change. I’ve helped hundreds of people change their lives through my addiction counseling practice. I specialize in individualized treatment, working with you to find out how to manage your particular life circumstances to stop the harmful behavior and realize your dreams to live a more sane, productive, satisfying life. When you decide you want to change, call me.  I don’t preach, I don’t have much use for labels, I just help you make the changes you decide you need to make. life, restructure

       I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” philosophy of addiction treatment, I work one-on-one with you to create a plan for success – from stopping the current negative behaviors to dealing with any “wreckage” you’ve caused through your habits, to maintaining the changes and learning how to live your new life without the destructive behaviors. Make no mistake, this will require diligent and sometimes difficult work on your part, but my guess is that if you are reading this, things are pretty difficult as they are!

         Start your new, healthy life today. Call me to discuss your particular situation, and let me tell you how to get back on track to the life you want and deserve.

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