Online Resources

Explore this list of online resources related to sexuality, sex therapy, sexual health, sex education and enhanced sexuality, as well as resources for sex addiction, porn addiction & alcoholism and other substance abuse.

I have found these sites invaluable to my research, training, teaching, and work with patients as a Certified Sex Therapist and Addiction Counselor in Orange County, CA.

If you think your site would be a valuable and appropriate addition to this list, would like to recommend another, or wish to report a broken link,  please email me.


Sex Therapy/Research Enhancing Your Sexuality Sexual Health
Sexual Dysfunction Sex & Aging Sexual Orientation/Identity
Addictions  & Support Sex & Disability Tantric Sex

Note: I hope you find this information of value. While I have collected and organized this compendium, I am not responsible for the content, claims or representations of the listed sites.